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Light Series

AD Light series is a full face powered respiratory mask with integrated HEPA filtration. Light is a modular platform that was made to serve as a broad solution for many uses (regular, medical, sport, industry..) and can be easily upgraded or adjusted to specific uses. Adjustable positive pressure and air flow are just some of the mask's features. The innovative weight distribution design minimizes pressure on your face weighing only 245g. The battery system allows up to 16 hours of use. Light mask is a smart solution connected with a mobile app and with integrated AI in the device itself.

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Imilab is an AI camera for home use. Its geometric minimalist design is inspired by Yuhua stone. The round body reduces the risk of bumps. The whole body is made of UV resistant plastic that is not sprayed to cause less pollution, and its smooth surface will not accurate dust easily. The AI recognition function can accurately recognize various movements by people and pets in the shooting area. IP67 water proof can work in extreme environments such as storms or environmental temperature of -30 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius.

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Meraki MV2

The Meraki MV2 flex camera is exceptionally simple to deploy and configure due to its compact, versatile form-factor and cloud management. The lines that define MV2 simplify the appearance of a highly technical object fitting anywhere from the server room to the boutique coffee shop. The MV2 democratizes machine learning and AI with an API that provides insights for safer, more efficient outcomes. Opening the camera reveals a silver surface that delights and surprises the user. Transforming to standing mode reveals a playful character balanced perfectly between functionality and personality.

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The advanced dual-view X-Ray inspection system is utilized for providing security at airports, ports and borders, government buildings, etc. Sharp yet neat lines make it compatible with the interior look of modern buildings in society. The external interface of the X-Ray device and the keyboard is simple and understandable for the operator. Thus, it is easy and safe to use for both the operator and the passengers without the risk of being exposed to any radiation.

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Tecno Th300

The design is an innovative real time interactive camera with a built-in intelligent chip for extremely fast processing, enabling users to experience the thrill of face to face zero distance communication. It can move vertically 170 degrees, 360 multi dimensional full space without dead angle, far beyond the industry competitors. Built in electronic image stabilization algorithm can reduce the camera jitter caused by accidental bumps or movement, the imaging effect is excellent.

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The 2 types of sterilization boxes compose of Aurora series products, N1 has high intensity ultraviolet rays. The UV disinfection and mobile phone all round wipe cleaning functions can be provided by M1. According to various demands, we can apply Aurora series products in homes, public places, medical institutions and other places.

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