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G2 Face Recognition

high quality of materials and simplicity of design make this security face recognition device fancy, stylish and robust. Advanced technology inside to make it one of the fastest in the world and very precise, no one can cheat its algorithm. Water proof product with an atmosphere led light on the back side to create an ambient mood even in coldest office. The compact size makes it fitting almost everywhere and the shape allow it to be positioned horizontally or vertically.

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Meet the multiple sensor and camera access control system, Ezalor. Algorithms and local computing are engineered for privacy. The financial level anti-spoofing technology prevents the of fake-face masks. Soft reflective lighting brings comfort. In the blink of an eye, users can access the place they love with ease. Its no-touch authentication ensures hygiene.

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The Tetratab mobile tablet PC was designed to address a specific need: Allow the rich use of mobile data over the Tetra police and Emergency radio network in the UK and Europe. This is one of the first Tetra radio equipped tablet PCs. The industrial design had to be ergonomic, durable, and enclose all necessary components to allow Tetra radio access. Styling is organic, comfortable, and friendly, yet conveys a serious and capable device.

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It is an amphibious disaster rescue drone with life detection, location, transportation and emergency lighting functions. It can be transformed into portable mode, flight mode or diving mode to deal with different disaster rescue situations. The outer diameters of its four wings are equipped with radar detectors to search for the vital signs of survivors. The inner diameters of the wings have detection lights, which can perform rescue tasks in unknown dark areas, such as underwater caves or mountain regions. Especially in difficult terrains, it can assist in transporting equipment.

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X Skier

X Skier, a helmet that provides safety protection during skiing. There is a pain point about skiing that skiers cannot predict which direction the person in front will turn. X Skier solved this problem by installing a gravity induction device in the helmet that can give a hint to the skiers behind by indicator light. The side ear is equipped with Bluetooth communication device. Users can press the metal button in the ear to play or pause music, make phone calls and make emergency calls if necessary.

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Pellta One

Pellta One is a desktop security device that protects from unauthorized access to the smartphones audio and video data. The puristic device focuses on a and user-friendly design that allows a seamless integration in every work environment. A CNC machined aluminum body is the constructive core piece of the design and accommodates all technical components. The sealed device is not creating any noise for the user. Inside Pellta One the phone remains accessible and audible, but no longer "hears and sees" anything.

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