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metaAIR is a new, premium laser-glare protection eyewear, designed as a defensive tool against harmful and dangerous laser strikes. Co-developed with Airbus, this premium eyewear has been engineered and tested by the top industry laboratories and optical experts on key frame and lens design features. In Fall 2018, MTI signed an exclusive global distribution agreement with SATAIR, to bring the product to market Spring 2019.

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GROHE Sense and Sense Guard

GROHE Sense and Sense Guard are GROHE’s intelligent solutions for the smart home. The GROHE Sense smart water sensor monitors room temperature and humidity, detects frost risk and gives warnings if the levels become too high or too low. GROHE Sense Guard is installed in the main water pipe and can stop water flow automatically in case of for example a major leak. Both use smart technology, allowing them to be monitored and controlled using the new GROHE Ondus App.

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Cominfo EasyGate Superb

This security gate is fully equipped and is based on ultra-slim stainless steel body construction including see through glass panels. Fully customized speed gate that is the ideal solution to access-controlled office buildings, schools or government offices. Design styling and proportion can be modified in different colors and wings sizes. The gate has very slim pillars featuring the ability to integrate a card collector with a card return function. The key features of device are inteligent light guidance, integrated card collectorn, safety sensors, customized material and variable sounds.

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The helmet is inspired by 3D Voronoi structure which is widely distributed in Nature. With a combination of parametric technique and bionics, the bicycle helmet has an improving external mechanical system. It's different from traditional flake protection structure in its unabridged bionic 3D mechanical system. When hit by an external force, this structure shows better stability. At the balance of lightness and safety, the helmet aims to provide people with more comfortable, more fashionable, and safer personal protection bicycle helmet.

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Mercurio is the first light airbag for people who want to live their daily city moves sportily and safe. It differs from all existing products on the market as the airbag is no longer conceived as a bag to be fitted inside special jackets or goggles, instead, it is both a garment and an airbag at the same time! This symplifing process concept makes it lightweight, versatile and economical.

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Dash combines a specific camera & lens combination, powerful processor, custom software algorithms, touchscreen, and light panel with a biometric profile database. Dash is the best performing biometric camera Clear has developed for open spaces, based on years of previous kiosk experience. The bespoke lighting panel adjusts to the changing lighting conditions in different spaces at different times of the day - providing studio-like photos for fast, accurate identification as well as meeting the stringent security requirements of US Airports.

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