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X Skier

X Skier, a helmet that provides safety protection during skiing. There is a pain point about skiing that skiers cannot predict which direction the person in front will turn. X Skier solved this problem by installing a gravity induction device in the helmet that can give a hint to the skiers behind by indicator light. The side ear is equipped with Bluetooth communication device. Users can press the metal button in the ear to play or pause music, make phone calls and make emergency calls if necessary.

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RZR Forklift Safety Light

Forklifts have been around for many decades and have seen upgrades in their technology, yet forklift safety and operational lighting has remained somewhat in the dark ages. All that is changed with the introduction of the most advanced Forklift and Pedestrian Safety Warning Light on the market. New RZR incorporates the most recent advancements in LED Digital Technology and Magnetic Components that will help protect Forklift Operators and any pedestrians in the busy warehouse environment. Featuring 4 new and unique lights in one. An incredible marvel of modern optical engineering.

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Tickless Run

Tickless Run is a combination of design and environmental awareness, the perfect protection for runners and active athletes. Easy to use, it is perfectly fit for the shoes, remains motionless because of its super fastening. With inserting the silicone band into the side tabs, it can be put on the shoelaces, and because of the method of fixing it is hard to lose. Due to its design, it is ultralight, so it will not even be noticed while running. It provides long-lasting protection due to the rechargeable battery.

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Light Series

AD Light series is a full face powered respiratory mask with integrated HEPA filtration. Light is a modular platform that was made to serve as a broad solution for many uses (regular, medical, sport, industry..) and can be easily upgraded or adjusted to specific uses. Adjustable positive pressure and air flow are just some of the mask's features. The innovative weight distribution design minimizes pressure on your face weighing only 245g. The battery system allows up to 16 hours of use. Light mask is a smart solution connected with a mobile app and with integrated AI in the device itself.

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Imilab is an AI camera for home use. Its geometric minimalist design is inspired by Yuhua stone. The round body reduces the risk of bumps. The whole body is made of UV resistant plastic that is not sprayed to cause less pollution, and its smooth surface will not accurate dust easily. The AI recognition function can accurately recognize various movements by people and pets in the shooting area. IP67 water proof can work in extreme environments such as storms or environmental temperature of -30 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius.

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Interactive Electronic lock

Interactive electronic lock is a next generation Interactive security system that combines safety and convenience. Product is designed with differentiation in terms of Home connectivity, energy efficiency and convenience. The lock is equipped with a patented auto lock feature. The Home connectivity feature develops a good habit to save energy, cost of electricity and help prevent electrical hazards. Sleek and stylish look of the product combines technology, elegance and ecological commitment, harmonizing very well with a variety of furnishing styles.

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