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ESPIRE moved the filter to the top of the mask and thereby enabled a fully transparent mouth section. The air flow is now guided in a linear stream from the top of the mask to the outlet valve located at the chin. A separator between viewing and mouth area ensures fog free vision. With this arrangement the air flow is not only optimized but the aesthetics and the archetype of a respirator are completely changed and communication ability is drastically increased.

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Sense assures the necessary security level when installed in public, very crowded places. Thanks to its A.I. System it is able to detect and signal dangers like fires or risk situations for a single person, and to recognize potentially dangerous behaviour. The sensor is designed with a friendly and linear shape in order to be integrated and install into the urban architecture and to be noticed by the citizens as source of services.

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Common safety helmet could not be observed at the top of the head. It has blind area.It is not safe for the workers. The EYE Safety Helmet has an ultrasonic probe at top of the product , when there is a larger dangerous objects falling, it will be detected by the ultrasonic probe and alarm to remind workers through the earphone. The workers will escape dangerous. So this product can prevent workers injured.

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BenjiLock is a clear concept, which is a padlock that can be opened with the ease of your fingerprint, but also with a traditional key, in less words, a hybrid. The fingerprint technology is rapidly conquering the everyday life and the simplicity of BenjiLock is one of a kind. Even though technology is growing rapidly, not everyone is ready for a complete transition. With BenjiLock, the personal security experience is redefined with the consumer in mind.

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The Finishfire Frame combines design and necessity. It gives a permanent place for fire extinguishers and safety in your home. Frame is also a modern picture frame, which picture can be changed easily. Feature that allows you to change the picture sheet inset to suit your own tastes, makes it an adaptable design that fits in many environment. Frame cover opens like a trash can lid, both the top and the bottom of the frame is open. Creating a quick and easy access to the extinguishing equipment but still hiding them from view. This Finnish design is aesthetic and functional.

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Ekin Bike Patrol

Ekin Bike Patrol is the first and only smart bike patrol of the world which is capable of automatic number plate recognition and parking violation detection on the move. Ekin Bike Patrol is a high-tech mobile enforcement product designed for bicycles. Being suitable for any kind of patrol bikes, Ekin Bike Patrol is aimed to bring order into the traffic and prevent the chaos caused by parking violations.

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