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Ekin Box Spotter

Box spotter consists of front cover, body, back cover, sunshade and angled mounting foot. Front cover is produced by plastic injection molding method and has infrared permeable material. The body was produced by using aluminum extrusion molding method and it was decided by evaluating the design of the cooling channels as a result of heat analysis. The back cover is produced by plastic injection molding method and can pass the lte and gps signals. The sun visor is produced by plastic injection method to protect the product from the sun light and increase the temperature and prevent the image of the cameras due to light.

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External Video Unit

The Niko 2-wire IP outdoor station is part of the new Niko stand-alone access system. The outdoor station connects to an indoor touchscreen and a mobile app, which allows you to answer calls even when you’re not at home. With its clean, uncluttered design, the unit integrates seamlessly into any facade. Besides the name label and the bell button, all distracting elements are moved away from the front side of the unit, resulting in a minimalistic design.

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AEGIS 300i

AEGIS 300i is Auto Darkening Welding helmet. The AEGIS 300i is a one-touch HD cover plate multi-helmet that is easy to attach and detach. It is equipped with memory function for user's convenience and designed to be easy to change the cartridge. RealView (primary color) lens reduces the burden on the eyes and makes welding work brighter and clearer. High-purity liquid crystal light scattering lens is applied to prevent glare and eye fatigue.

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Intelligent AIO

Along with the steady advancement of AI and big data technologies, the demand grows increasingly strong for simultaneous capture of large scenes view and details.A multi-module and dual-lens interlinked camera came into being. This product innovatively integrates into one device three modules that can rotate horizontally and vertically, using star-grade low light 4K lens modules to cover large scenes.The interlinked 37x optical zoom star-grade dome camera can present details precisely. Extracted precise and structured information of people/vehicles within the scope of coverage.

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Air Wing lll

Air Wing lll is powered air purifying respirator for welding. It provides clean and fresh air by purifying contaminated outside air as well as head and face in places where welding fumes, harmful dust, harmful odors, odorous workplace and respiratory infectious diseases occur. Among them, the dust filter is a high-efficiency filter that can filter fine particles, and air can pass through it and can be filtered by welding fumes, harmful dust, various polluted materials, pesticide ingredients, and respiratory pathogens.

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F 72A

“Flextech” headgear with well-balanced weight and ergonomic fit provides the world best comfort to users. Its ultra light shield lens shows excellent impact resistance, cold tolerance, and heat resistance despite thin thickness. The optical design of the shield lens keeps steady refractive power of both front and back sides. It can be worn with other protective equipment (safety goggles, goggles, mask, helmet).

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