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The Finishfire Frame combines design and necessity. It gives a permanent place for fire extinguishers and safety in your home. Frame is also a modern picture frame, which picture can be changed easily. Feature that allows you to change the picture sheet inset to suit your own tastes, makes it an adaptable design that fits in many environment. Frame cover opens like a trash can lid, both the top and the bottom of the frame is open. Creating a quick and easy access to the extinguishing equipment but still hiding them from view. This Finnish design is aesthetic and functional.

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Ekin Bike Patrol

Ekin Bike Patrol is the first and only smart bike patrol of the world which is capable of automatic number plate recognition and parking violation detection on the move. Ekin Bike Patrol is a high-tech mobile enforcement product designed for bicycles. Being suitable for any kind of patrol bikes, Ekin Bike Patrol is aimed to bring order into the traffic and prevent the chaos caused by parking violations.

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PaperDNA M2

The PaperDNA M2 reader is an authentication solution to prevent counterfeit in pharmaceutical products, which is an increasing problem. The device analyzes the inherent micro topography of paper fiber pulp on a printed label to verify the products. The purpose and aim is to give the consumer a tool to assure the authenticity of the medicine intended for purchase. On a touch screen more information can be seen about the verification and the medicine. The product was developed and designed as a result of field studies in pharmacies internationally, as well as user studies and interviews.

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Nutty Buddy Flex Athletic Cup

The Nutty Buddy Flex is a redesign of the original athletic cup, with additional attention towards increasing comfort and protection. In response to customer feedback, the new Flex cup allows for a more comfortable fit for all types of body movements. The soft edges of the cup have been modified to better cushion the contact between the cup and the skin. The redesign also better absorbs impact, "protecting the boys" by distributing force to the pubic bone and soft tissues. The redesign maximizes comfort and effectiveness of the original design, creating a better quality product overall.

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Close fitting & lightweight seamless Cut Level 5 precision handling glove with a hybrid Polyurethane / Nitrile fusion palm dipped coating that provides phenomenal grip whilst protecting from cuts and slashes Extremly thin seamless 18 gauge knitted shell provides superior fit & the highest cut protection under CE EN388 Fusion PU/Nitrile palm coating provides secure handling of small/sharp wet/dry/oily components Reinforced Nitrile patch to thumb crotch for extra strength & longevity Velcro cuff

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Safety Cycling

This type of helmets is designed to protect the deaf’s riding safety. The LED projection on the back of the helmets can actively cause the drivers’ attention. When the cars come near, the radar detector can deliver the messages to the deaf through the shock mount on the two sides of the helmets. It can remind the deaf of avoiding the cars. It sets up the active safety relations between the drivers and the deaf. Contemporary, it can both have active and passive safety properties.

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