Strellson – Loaded by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Strellson – Loaded Perfume Bottle and Packaging

The author of the awarded work perfume bottle and packaging by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Strellson asked Peter Schmidt Atelier to create a sportive concept for the new fragrance Strellson – LOADED. The design should thematically refer to Stre <Cropped>

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Maas Studio's Essentialia Skincare Packaging Design

Maas Studio Shows The Essentialia Skincare Packaging Design

Maas Studio, the project leader of the highlighted design Award Winning Essentialia Skincare Packaging Design explicates, Essentialia is a new company that specializes in skincare and beauty products. Bringing the most natural and organic products to <Cropped>

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Bonnelycke Mdd 's Dee Pendant Lamps

Bonnelycke Mdd Shows The Dee Pendant Lamps

Bonnelycke mdd , the architect of the awarded work Pendant lamps:Dee by Bonnelycke mdd explains, The DEE pendants are two pendants sharing the same metal top, dimensioning and form factor. The DEE glass version is the more modern version of the two w <Cropped>

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Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site:

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Show of Papers by Ximena Ureta

Ximena Ureta Spotlights The Paper Flight Show of Papers

Ximena Ureta, the creative mind behind the award winning work Show of papers:Paper Flight by Ximena Ureta illustrates, This kinetic art object highlights all the possibilities that a great materiality provides to graphic design. The creative challeng <Cropped>

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Grand Gourmet-Shop by Zhenfei Wang and Luming Wang

Zhenfei Wang and Luming Wang Spotlights The Grand Gourmet Shop

Zhenfei Wang and Luming Wang, the creator of the award winning project Shop by Zhenfei Wang and Luming Wang says, To show respect to these handmade products, the shop design was generated by a custom made computer algorithm, the fractal hexagon patte <Cropped>

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Amphoras:murano 5.0 by Alessandro Ciffo

Alessandro Ciffo Shares The Murano 5.0 Amphoras

Alessandro Ciffo, the lead designer of the awarded design Amphoras by Alessandro Ciffo says, The Murano 5.0 amphorae are interior design elements that place the final user in front of the illusion of looking at an object in fragile and heavy glass wh <Cropped>

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Simon Kooymans's Donation Point Tap Cashless Donation Acceptor

Simon Kooymans Reveals The Donation Point Tap Cashless Donation Acceptor

Simon Kooymans, the maker of the award winning design Donation Point Tap by Simon Kooymans spells out, Donation Point Tap is a Contactless counter-top device that enables charities to quickly accept low value donations using a credit or debit card. C <Cropped>

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Quinta De Ventozelo Olive Oil-Packaging by Omdesign

Omdesign Exhibits The Quinta De Ventozelo Olive Oil Packaging

Omdesign , the thinktank behind the highlighted work Packaging:Quinta de Ventozelo olive oil by Omdesign explicates, Quinta de Ventozelo is an extra virgin olive oil produced from olives that came from centenary olive groves that belong to this Portu <Cropped>

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Albertina Oliveira's Pompom Children's Clothes Store

Albertina Oliveira Discloses The Pompom Children's Clothes Store

Albertina Oliveira, the creative mind behind the award winning design Albertina Oliveira's PomPom Children's clothes Store demonstrates, The perception of the parts and the whole contribute to a geometry, easily identifiable giving emphasis <Cropped>

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