Studija Creata's Stumbro Starka Bottle Design and Labels

Studija Creata Exhibits The Stumbro Starka Bottle Design and Labels

Studija Creata, the architect of the highlighted project Bottle design and labels by Studija Creata points out, The image of Stumbro Starka was changed in essence by creating a whole from its parts: from the new, uniquely-shaped, dark glass bottle <Cropped>

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Interior:pepsico Mix It Up 2016 by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Pepsico Mix It Up 2016 Interior

The project leader of the awarded work PepsiCo Mix It Up 2016 by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, PepsiCo made a significant impact at Milan Design Week 2016 with PepsiCo Mix It Up, a dynamic innovation showcase built to delight and inspire. At this i <Cropped>

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Slash Lamp by Dragos Motica

Dragos Motica Exhibits The Slash Lamp Lighting Object

Dragos Motica, the thinktank behind the award winning design Dragos Motica's Slash Lamp Lighting object spells out, "/" Lamp is an object that gives the chance of choice. A subjective and personal choice. It is an object at the middle <Cropped>

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Bello Restaurant by Chin-Hsu Huang

Chin-Hsu Huang Exhibits The Bello Restaurant View Restaurant

CHIN-HSU HUANG, the designer of the highlighted project View Restaurant:Bello Restaurant by CHIN-HSU HUANG illustrates, The spatial design assimilates the local landscape of New York, adopting the city as a construction blueprint and reflecting the <Cropped>

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Re-Leaf by The School of Industrial Design in Lafa

The School of Industrial Design in Lafa Spotlights The Re-Leaf Tree Pool

The School of Industrial Design in LAFA, the architect of the displayed design Tree Pool by The School of Industrial Design in LAFA explicates, In each autumn, fallen leaves are everywhere on the street, not be used. To figure out a way of fallen lea <Cropped>

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Footwear:layers by Gabriella Veszpremi

Gabriella Veszpremi Discloses The Layers Footwear

Gabriella Veszpremi, the author of the highlighted design LAYERS by Gabriella Veszpremi spells out, The idea for Layers collection was the need for the use of the still perfect quality residual leather remaining after the manufacturing of regular lea <Cropped>

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Sculptural Light by Jacqueline M Thenu

Jacqueline M Thenu Portrays The Ploi Sculptural Light

Jacqueline M Thenu, the lead designer of the awarded work Ploi by Jacqueline M Thenu explicates, Ploi is a design that is inspired by the geometrical elements in folding technique and the folding characteristic. Instead of paper as a medium, the de <Cropped>

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Interchangeable Cover Frame:glasses Plus by Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng

Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng Discloses The Glasses Plus Interchangeable Cover Frame

Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng, the author of the awarded project Interchangeable Cover Frame by Yi Teng Shih & Jiani Zeng explains, The Glasses Plus is designed for people who regard each single accessory, for example, glasses as one important se <Cropped>

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Multiple Academic Functions by Yanming Yin

Yanming Yin Presents The Fun Paradise Multiple Academic Functions

Yanming Yin, the maker of the displayed project Multiple academic functions:Fun Paradise by Yanming Yin explains, The Zhuoyu Pavilion is an innovative project. It intends to build an additional third space beyond the typical classroom and playground <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Bean Buro

Bean Buro Designs The Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop Restaurant

Bean Buro , the project leader of the highlighted work Restaurant:Tasty Congee & Wantun Noodle Shop by Bean Buro spells out, The restaurant design celebrates the reputation of the noodle brand and 70 years of wantun noodle history. The Hong Ko <Cropped>

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