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Dash combines a specific camera & lens combination, powerful processor, custom software algorithms, touchscreen, and light panel with a biometric profile database. Dash is the best performing biometric camera Clear has developed for open spaces, based on years of previous kiosk experience. The bespoke lighting panel adjusts to the changing lighting conditions in different spaces at different times of the day - providing studio-like photos for fast, accurate identification as well as meeting the stringent security requirements of US Airports.

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G2 Face Recognition

high quality of materials and simplicity of design make this security face recognition device fancy, stylish and robust. Advanced technology inside to make it one of the fastest in the world and very precise, no one can cheat its algorithm. Water proof product with an atmosphere led light on the back side to create an ambient mood even in coldest office. The compact size makes it fitting almost everywhere and the shape allow it to be positioned horizontally or vertically.

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Meet the multiple sensor and camera access control system, Ezalor. Algorithms and local computing are engineered for privacy. The financial level anti-spoofing technology prevents the of fake-face masks. Soft reflective lighting brings comfort. In the blink of an eye, users can access the place they love with ease. Its no-touch authentication ensures hygiene.

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FC100 series cameras are smart cameras designed by Baidu for the intelligent development of the city, helping the transition of security business from tradition into intelligence. This AI cloud Face recognition tubular camera is based on dedicated AI ASIC and multi-depth learning algorithm integration to support detect, track and select the optimal one in a series of captured portraits in dynamic crowds with a rate of up to 95%.

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niroKey is a universal face recognition device for access control, conference sign-in, company attendance, visitor reception, and payment scenarios. It can complete identification with a seamless user experience improving the smart management efficiency of enterprise. NIRO-Key uses an elegant and round design, combined with 2.5D curved glass and matt white CMF to create a unibody design language for a more friendly user experience.

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37 Degrees Driver Drowsiness Alarm

Based on detecting user’s physiological reaction, this is a product that monitors user’s fatigue levels while they are driving a car, to help prevent occurrence of road accidents. Via the gyroscope sensor and vibrating motor embedded in the driver seat, the wheel and a buzzer implanted in the headrest, this system analyzes the body data it captures such as heart rate, if you are estimated as being sleepy during driving, the seat would vibrate gently and buzz to awake you from drowsy driving.

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